A dream called love

A sensory trip,
an emotional journey lived in a precious ambience,
where elegance combines hospitality in a vortex of pure passion.

A new experience that will take you to another dimension,
a new way of living a holiday.


The sea on the horizon and the serenity in the heart: start a day with the Gulf embracing the infinity or ending it with the reflection of the stars on the water, immersed in the middle of a “dream”.

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An unforgettable flavor, a taste never been tried before but you can’t do it anymore. The aroma of an indelible emotion, the eternal essence of a memory.

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Living room

Spend the day with your own emotions: this is the essence of luxury, a pleasure granted to few people.

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Where the blue color embraces nature, in the middle of the sky and the waves of the sea; here it’s also possible to feel the breath of the sun, immersed in a timeless experience.

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Body repose and exaltation of the soul. A small oasis where physical and mental activity live together.

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