The heritage of a dream

A dream born during a talk between a son and his father. It was the torrid summer of the 70’s, when an idea became a project.
The job combines the love: this is how Don Pietro was born, from an abandoned building that became an innocent dream of two young men.
A project that has found the strength to grow, day after day, thanks to fantasy and investments aimed at transforming the hospitality into something more.
The simplicity of luxury: a natural environment that meets the work of the best craftsmen, with the bay of the Amalfi Coast in the background, the prelude to an experience that can’t be forgotten.
Get comfortable: this is how this story began

"Is it abandoned? It looks like it, what a pity!

This brief dialogue between my father and me marks the beginning of Villa Don Pietro's story. It was the summer of 1972.

Fascinated on the edge of the road, intent and enchanted to look at a beautiful bay, the Praia, nestled between rocks and lush vegetation, we saw what had to be an ancient dwelling in ruins, situated in the middle of a terraced terrain, typical of the Amalfi Coast, immersed and covered almost entirely by a dense and untouched vegetation of citrus and olive trees.

Fascinated and intrigued by that lovely place overlooking the sea, we decided to learn more. Thus began a kind of inquiry based on the information provided by locals, incomplete and partial information, which only allowed us to prove that the area hadbeen abandoned for some time and left to its fate.

Afate that from then on would change. Summer and our holidays ended, but the charm of that place continued to live on in our minds and hearts.

In the winter of that same year, by a strange coincidence, my father met an engineer from Salerno who had a summer residence in Praiano, where the land was located. Movedby the deep interest and the great emotion that that place aroused in us, he managed to traceback the owners of the area who were contacted and, since they had moved to the USmanyyears before, showed interestin the sale we proposed. In the spring of 1973, destiny was fulfilled, we were finally the owners. I remember that after the purchase there was a feverish and laborious activity that allowed the realization of what seemed only a dream at first. The area was reclaimed and a villa built out of that dilapidated dwelling. During the years that followed it slowly tookits identity, it became the place where I spent the summers of my adolescence and youth and where, after marrying, my wife and children shared with me the beauty of nature in this corner of paradise on the Amalfi Coast.

After the death of my father, to whom the villa was dedicated, the promise I made to make it one of the most impressive places on the Amalfi coastline has now become a reality. In fact, I have further refurbished and modified the villa, using natural and precious materials and equipped it with all possible comforts."

firma Porzio